Process Improvement Program

We cannot solve the problem with the same mindset which we used to create it (problem). We need the skills to see beyond the problem with an open mind. A complex problem can be solved efficienctly and in time as soon as we understand the problem. Today, the challenge is increased more as we are surrounded with so much information that we get influenced and biased with the information without thinking rationally.

BPM Trainings

PIP 201: Introduction to Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a skill to think rationally, without any biased opinion. The program provides information about techniques that help every individual to listen, analyze and evaluate with an open mind. The program explains how the brain works and consumes the information to make any judgement or to take any decision. It is a must-have program for everyone in the organization, whether a person is involved in day-to-day management or plans and executes organization-level strategies.

BPM Trainings

PIP 202: Critical Thinking for Problem Solving Approach

It is a workshop that gives hands-on knowledge of applying critical thinking techniques in a problem-solving approach. Critical thinkers are better problem-solving professionals as compared to people who memorize most of the information. A step by step workshop helps to build practical knowledge about the use of critical thinking in problem-solving. The program is built using global research on psychology, neurology and behavior patterns.

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