Organization Development Program

We need very structured scientific approach-based methodologies to identify improvement opportunities and resolve all road block challenges that restricts our success. Lean and Six Sigma two methodologies are combined to provide overall improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of an organization.

BPM Trainings

ODP 301: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma – White Belt

Six Sigma is a structured data-driven problem-solving management approach applicable to any aspect of business processes, whether sales, marketing, finance, operations, quality, HR, IT BPO, accounting, or purchasing. It is an introductory program for participants who would like to understand the basic concepts of Lean and Six Sigma. It is specially designed to set a Lean Six Sigma awareness & mindset in the organization.

BPM Trainings

ODP 302: Lean Six Sigma for Function Leaders – Green Belt

LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt certification program provides insight and practical knowledge about the LEAN and Six Sigma techniques. It is a metrics and process improvement methodology. It’s a case study based training program where participants get a Live case study and solve through the Lean Six Sigma approach and the classroom session.

BPM Trainings

ODP 303: Lean Six Sigma for Process Leaders – Black Belts

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification program is designed for professionals involved in complex cross-functional business processes and problems. It is an advance LEAN Six Sigma program that is learnt through a real life case study. Participants implement each tool and technique that they learn in the classroom session.

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